? Welcome To STEPCONE 2019
REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN!!! IDP Problem Statements are released, please download them!!
S.No Name of the Event Name of the Topic Registration Fee
1 Basic
Level 1: Stepcone Kit + Lunch (3 days) Rs.300
Level 2: Stepcone Kit + (Breakfast + Lunch+ Dinner+ Accommodation for 3 Days) Rs.750
2 Technical Paper
Presentation,Team Size : Max 2 members
Rs.200 per team
3 Technical Events Debugging contest (1-2) Rs.250 per team
Technical quiz (1-2) Rs.250 per team
Fox hunt (1-2) Rs.250 per team
Bridge Building Contest (1-2) Rs.250 per team
Design Mania(1) Rs.250 per head
Crysmofoam (1-2) Rs.250 per team
Cognito tesoro(1) Rs.250 per head
Brain Challenger(1) Rs.250 per head
Qbotix (1-2) Rs.250 per team
Tech Hunt (1-2) Rs.250 per team
Brainiacs (1-2) Rs.250 per team
Circuit Routing (1-2) Rs.250 per team
5 Workshops Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Rs. 800/- per head
Mercedes Engine Diagnosis Rs. 900/- per head
Remote Sensing And GIS Rs. 500/- per head
Computational Fluid Dynamics Using Ansys Rs. 400/- per head
Block Chain Technology Rs. 800/- per head
Unity Game Development Rs. 700/- per head
AI and Deep Learning Rs. 500/- per head
Hands on Training Solar Photo Voltaic Design Rs. 500/- per head
Industrial Automation Using PLC & SCADA Rs. 800/- per head
Customized IC Design using Cadence pro Rs. 400/- per head
Internet of Things Using Raspberry Pi Rs. 800/- per head
Image Processing Using MatLab & its Implementation in FPGA Rs. 800/- per head
6 Spotlights Project Design Contest (3-5) Rs. 250 per head
Start Ur Up (1-3) Rs. 350 per team
Industry Defined Problems (1-3) Rs. 300 per team
Hackathon (1-4) Rs. 600 per head
Robo Contest (3-5) [COMBO OFFER : Rs. 1200/- (LINE FOLLOWER + ROBO SOCCER)] LINE FOLLOWER - Rs.700 per team
ROBO SOCCER- Rs.850 per team
ROBO WAR - Rs.1200 per team
RC Car Championship (2-4) Rs. 2000 per team
AI Gaming Rs.1250 per team
Drone Voyage Rs.1200 per team
Talkathon Rs.300 per head
7 Team Offer Level 2 Registration Fee + all Events except Workshops, RC car Championship,AI Gaming, Hacakthon, Robo contest and Drone Voyage (TEAM SIZE 10,- FROM SAME INSTITUTE) Rs.12,000
2 registration fee + all events except workshops, RC car Championship,AI Gaming, Hacakthon, Robo contest and Drone Voyage.
Rs.1,500 per head