Welcome To STEPCONE 2019
S.No Name of the Event Name of the Topic Registration Fee
1 Basic
Level 1: Stepcone Kit + Lunch (3 days) Rs.300
Level 2: Stepcone Kit + (Breakfast + Lunch+ Dinner+ Accommodation for 3 Days) Rs.750
2 Technical Paper
Presentation,Team Size : Max 2 members
Rs.200 per team
3 Technical Events Debugging contest(1-2) Rs.250 per team
Technical quiz(1-2) Rs.250 per team
Fox hunt(1-2) Rs.250 per team
Bridge Building Contest(1-2) Rs.250 per team
Design Mania Rs.250 per head
Chrysmofoam(1-2) Rs.250 per team
Cognito tesoro Rs.250 per head
Brain Challenger Rs.250 per head
Qbotix(1-2) Rs.250 per team
Tech Hunt(1-2) Rs.250 per team
Brainiacs(1-2) Rs.250 per team
Circuit Routing(1-2) Rs.250 per team
4 Club Events Movie Making Contest Rs.500 per team
Talkathon Rs.200 per head
5 Workshops Heating Ventillation & Air Conditioning will be disclosed
Mercedez Engine Diagnosis will be disclosed soon
CropWat & Aqua Crop will be disclosed soon
Computational Fluid Dynamics Using Ansys will be disclosed soon
Block Chain Technology will be disclosed soon
Unity Game Development will be disclosed soon
Artificial Intelligence Workshop will be disclosed soon
Handson Solar Photo Voltaic Design will be disclosed soon
Industrial Automation Using PLC & SCADA will be disclosed soon
Customized IC Design using Cadence pro will be disclosed soon
Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi will be disclosed soon
Image Processing Using MatLab & its Implementation in FPGA will be disclosed soon
6 Spotlights ProjectDesign Contest (3-5) Rs.250 per head
Start Ur Up(1-3) Rs.250 per team
Industry Defined Problems (1-3) Rs.250 per team
Hackathon(3-4) Rs.600 per head
Robo Contest (3-5) LINE FOLLOWER - Rs.600 per team
ROBO SOCCER- Rs.700 per team
ROBO WAR - Rs.600 per team
RC Car Championship (2-4) Rs.2000 per team
AI Gaming Rs.1250 per team
Drone Voyage Rs.1200 per team
7 Team Offer Level 2 Registration Fee + all Events except Workshops (TEAM SIZE 10,- FROM SAME INSTITUTE) Rs.12000
2 registration fee + all events except workshops and RC car Championship.
Rs.1500 per head